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On A Mission From Our Ancestors To Heal Souls Of Afrakan Sisters



LaShaunda Williams

Welcome Home To The House Of Wholistic Remedies!

I’m your hostess, resident house mother and Board-Certified Traditional Naturopath, LaShaunda “Sesha-Beka” Williams

I’m a modern-day naturopathic medicine woman for your yoni (that’s your female genitalia…vulva, vagina, womb) and a willing helper to the TRUE HEALER of your Soul (that’s the Goddess within you).

Maybe you’re one of the millions of women silently suffering with excess discharge, vulvovaginal itching, fishy order, burning during urination, painful intercourse, heavy bleeding, dryness, incontinence, or some other feminine health or hygiene symptom.
It’s a sad and scary fact, but black women face statistically higher risks for developing sexual and reproductive health disorders than our lighter sisters:

  • 51% of black women develop BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS compared to 23% of white women.
  • Lifetime risk for developing a YEAST INFECTION is 62.8% for black women versus 55% for others.
  • Black women may be twice as likely to experience INFERTILITY as white women.
  • Occurrence of some SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES is four times higher for black females.
  • MATERNAL MORTALITY rates are 3.2 times higher for black mothers than white mothers.

Conventional research says racial bias, socioeconomic status, and genetic variations to our microbiome make black women more prone to these conditions.

Environment and lifestyle also play a role. But that’s not the whole story.

The Real Reason Your Vagina Is Unhappy

(It’s Not What You Think)

The real reason for the disproportionate rate of vaginal health problems in Afrakan females is not found only in biology.

The root cause of this dis-ease is hidden much deeper in…

Our birth stories, childhood trauma, unpleasant sexual experiences, miscarriage, fear of pregnancy or giving birth, sacrificing our identity caring for others but not ourselves, surrendering our feminine power to expectations of society, ancestral scars of separation from our Motherland.

These wounds create mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that eventually manifest as illness or injury in your body.

Guilt, shame, embarrassment, and fear of intimacy usually follow, perpetuating a vicious cycle that goes something like this:

Recurrent infection → Experimentation with supposed cures → Brief periods of relief with a glimmer of hope that finally the cycle might be over → Let down your guard (eat something you shouldn’t or wear the wrong pants) → Itchy, smelly, unsightly warning signs → Stress and despair that another treatment didn’t work → Recurrent infection

If this sounds like you, don’t give up hope. Wellness is within reach…without the use of prescription drugs that only mask your symptoms.

Awakening To The Healer Within (Us All)

How do I know healing this dis-ease will reverse the root cause of your yoni’s issues?

I suffered from recurring bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections from early adolescence into my thirties.

At eleven years old, I was accused of being sexually active and took me to the gynecologist…intrusive and confusing to a girl who’d recently lost her mother.

The (male) doctor was not gentle but confirmed my hymen was intact and infection was present. And so, began my battle with daily medication I could never rely on to keep me symptom free, especially as a high school athlete. For decades I suffered alone, so afraid of being judged. My self-confidence was practically non-existent.

Twenty years later…after the births of my daughters helped awaken my womb through the blessing of motherhood…I was gifted insight from my ancestors.

I COULD HEAL MYSELF from the inside out by resolving the root causes of my dis-ease (starting with my mom’s passing when I was ten years old,) so I did the following:

  • Tended to my soul’s wounds so I could finally feel the Goddess within
  • Cultivated a spiritual practice to keep my vibration high and my attention focused
  • Accepted my mission as a Lightworker to remind others of their inner Self-Healer
  • Reclaimed the sacred feminine power held within my rebalanced yoni (it’s the power of creation, sister)
  • Made the necessary lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, mindset) to clear my bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections forever

Now…guided by the hidden power of our Afrakan ancestors and certified in many wholistic healing modalities, I empower women of color (in skin or in spirit) at all stages of womanhood to heal the wounds of their wombs from within = MY POWER STATEMENT (what’s yours?).

Holism + Natural Remedies = Divine Wellness

The holistic remedies I AM here to share to heal the wombs of women across the world are ALL-natural.

Even more, they are designed to work the same way nature forms wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts (that’s holism).

Each remedy repairs or removes unwanted substances and energies from your four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) to restore them to their natural state. When compounded together in my 4R Method for Divine Wellness, the synergistic effect magnifies the therapeutic benefits of each remedy for heavenly results.

When your four bodies are functioning holistically…each one in harmony with the others…the whole of your being is greater than the sum of the parts. The Goddess within (the true HEALER, the true YOU) is free to emerge.

You’ll have a natural energy about you that radiates vitality, purity, and beauty for all to see. Soon other women will stop and ask what you’re doing because you, my sister, will carry yourself like a Goddess.

Reclaim Divine Wellness With The 4R Method

My signature 4R Method for Divine Wellness is the very same formula I used to heal myself from recurrent bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. This four-part inspired approach helps relieve your worst symptoms while healing your soul and awakening you to the Goddess you truly are.

  1. Re-align your spiritual body with Reiki sessions from a Reiki master, yours truly, Sesha-Beka.
  2. Re-new your mind with meditation and mindset practices and most powerful affirmations found in my ASHE: Write Your Power and Become It journal.
  3. Re-vive your emotional confidence with positive affirmations and mirror talk to uncover YOUR power statement.
  4. Re-set your physical body with detox therapies, movement, and clean eating, including Kemetic yoga, yoni steaming, herbs, plant-based meals, and reflexology.

By honoring your yoni, forgiving hurts, releasing guilt, believing the impossible, and trusting the process, you can awaken to the Goddess within and access the inner self-healing powers you’ve forgotten.

I’ll walk with you to show you the way (that’s my mission as a naturopathic medicine woman)!

Ready to heal your yoni and begin your path back to Divine Wellness?


Education & Certifications

    – Bachelors Interdisciplinary Studies, Business Management
    – Master of Arts in Communications and Training
    Bachelors of Metaphysical Science
    Licensed Ecclesiastical Health Practitioner
    Board Certified Traditional Naturopath
    Certified Halotherapist
    Holistic Health Coach
    – Naturopathic Clinician
    – Naturopathic Iridology
    – Naturopathic Reflexologist
    – Naturopathic Reiki Master
    Kemetic Yoga Instructor
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I am not a medical doctor therefore, I do not diagnosis or treat medical conditions or prescribe pharmaceutical medications.