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Signature 4R Brand New Yoni Package

My Signature 4R Method Brand New Yoni is typically the exact process I applied to treat my perennial Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast infections. To reveal the goddess you are, approaching your symptoms with the 4R guide is the way to your success.

As a woman, having your body in health is the most significant source of confidence you need for day-to-day life. The 4R method to treat your bacterial and/or yeast condition is the perfect solution to protect your physical, emotional, and psychological health. 4R process entails an efficient but straightforward process.

  1. Re-align your spiritual being by practicing self-treatment Naturopathic Reiki sessions
  2. Re-new your mind with meditation and mindset practices and the powerful affirmations in my ASHE: “Write Your Power and Become It” Journal.
  3. Re-vive your emotional confidence with encouraging affirmation and mirror talk to find out your power statement.
  4. Re-set your physical body by detoxification therapies and healthy eating.
    • Weekly accountability one hour in-person or zoom meeting to discuss where you are in your healing, questions or concerns, and the next steps (value $166).
    • Daily access to me via text or email for any questions that may come up (value $166).
    • A print copy of the “ASHE,” “Write Your Power and Become It” journal (value $17.99).
    • ASHE Book of Affirmations e-book.
    • Weekly Naturopathic Reiki treatments for you distance or in-person (value $440).
    • Weekly simple whole plant-based meal and juicing recipes that I used (value $388).
    • Naturopathic Reiki I attunement which will allow you to give yourself daily treatments to assist in your healing (value $139).


Vaginal Steaming

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